Lachlan Walker now offers everything you need to make home reared chickens and freshly laid backyard eggs easy.

Lachlan sells a light weight easily movable chicken pen.  The pens are built using PVC pipe, poly pipe and wire netting. The pen comes complete with roosts and a laying box.  To move the pen just simply pull the handle and drag the pen to new fresh grass.  The chickens just walk along with the pen.  The pen can hold 2-3 chickens depending if you let them out through the day.  There is a hatch on the pen to allow easy access for collecting eggs, and feeding and watering the chooks.

Also sells laying mash, shell grit, feeders, drinkers and brown or black point of lay chickens.  He is also looking at expanding into heritage breeds.

 There’s always the threat of predators, so the pen has to be designed so that they were strong, but still really light so that I could move the chickens daily to fresh pasture.



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