Descriptions of our farm foods are found below.  

Nomadic Pastured Chook Eggs

Our laying hens are free to roam in paddocks on our farm.  They are allowed to eat as much fresh grass as possible.  The girls live in either a "Chicken Caravan" or a converted caravan which houses their laying boxes, roosts.  The girls are moved every few days to a new selection of fresh grass and are kept safe from predators with the use of electric fencing and hopefully very soon Maremma dogs.  The hens are allowed to eat what ever takes their fancy including grain and shell grit.  Their food is custom formulated to be free of artificial yolk colourants, and other nasties such as steroids and antibiotics.  Walker Farm Foods Nomadic Pastured Chickens are truly free range pastured hens and are certified to Humane Choice Standards.  Our eggs are sold as a mixed dozen, so some small and some large and only one weight of 700g.  As we are a small family farm we don't have enough eggs or a machine to grade our eggs into weights.  Eggs are sold by the dozen.