Walker Farm Foods turns our dream of producing, local, high welfare ethical food from our farm "Barwood" into reality. Barwood is a 330 ha property located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland at Cambroon 10kms from Kenilworth 28kms from Maleny.  The property borders the Mary River and the Conondale National Park with topography ranging from fertile river flats to undulating hills and steep mountains.

At the moment the farm produces nomadic pastured eggs and chicken, nomadic grass fed beef and milk. 

So what does Nomadic Pastured mean?  Well very simply our animals move, in fact they move very regularly sometimes twice daily in the case of the dairy cows, daily for the meat chickens, every couple of days for the laying hens and fortnightly for our breeding beef cattle.  We use portable infrastructure including movable electric fencing, water troughs, caravans, field pens etc etc.  All of our animals have access to grass hence pastured.

Our aim is to manipulate our animals to do the work for us, while providing them with ultra fresh grass.  They intensively graze an area, pee and poop providing nutrients for our soil, their disturbance encourages new plant growth and then the paddock is given lots of rest to recover and repair before the animals are back.

At Walker Farm Foods we are also passionate about sharing, educating and connecting people back to the land and where there food comes from.  We want to create a community of like minded people to share and benefit from our dream.

Our vision is ever changing, as we continue to organically evolve, momentum is gradually increasing.  2016 and beyond will hopefully see our house and vegetable garden bloom, our paddocks planted with productive tree crops, our creeks and rivers will see more plant and wild life and health, our hills will be full of improved pastures.  Our farm will be full of abundance, happiness, gratitude and most importantly LOVE!